The Oz-Guardians

Session 21 - Hopping Dead

September 5th, 2017

"Dance with this twisted creation, it's a new sensation, do the undead hop, Bunny, Hop, hop, hop!" – Abracadaver


  • Elizabeth – Onyx
  • Kellie – Qing Long
  • Matt – Mobius
  • Rich – Stone

NPCs of Note:


Vacations: Onyx not allowed her games and stuff. Grounded by Max to help force her to get a life. Failed.

  • Onyx – Onyx not allowed her games and stuff. Grounded by Max to help force her to get a life. Failed.
  • Qing Long – Work, trip to China, reviewing footage of other her, De date identity?, practice magic, more work  
  • Mobius - Work, stormer athlete advice, reviewing footage of other him
  • Stone – Paying the price with Vicky, sponsorship, and money, trip with kids to Disney, making up more to wife

Bar to check on Dante. Onyx, QL, Mobius. Stone on rooftop near by. Dante Awesome magician, cup and balls and so on, close up table magic. If hired for a wedding can make the bride disappear Joke. Got his card later on.  

Ordered food, tortured Stone with how good it was while he was still on rooftop even though they did not have food and drinks yet.


Huge zombie bunny outside, obviously part of lab experiment gone bad. Surrounded by and guarded by human zombies, dressed in formal attire. They did not attack unless attacked, but Bunny was causing property damage by being a bunny and hopping around. Got scared by car alarm and tossed car. Old lady almost got hurt, Mobius convinced her to evacuate the area. 

Fight ensued. QL saw magic over a building top, green and blue. Mobius used the downed cable to zip through zombies. Attempts by guys made to ride the bunny. Onyz used lucky pearl and did her tech vodoo to help taking down zombies. 

Team split, guys on the bunny's trail as it headed for downtown and ladies to the cemetery.

Bunny gets killed and Val shows up to see this crazy in person. Val and Mobius do self-promo selfies and pics of each other while waiting for the zoo to clean up bunny.  

Meanwhile, QL gets to the cemetery a few blocks away where magic is happening.  Dead magician animating and controlling zombies, surrounded by a protective hoard of them. Guy says he has everything he needs, is using ancient not old, ancient forbidden magic, that is all QL can deduct. GL tries to blast him with fire, it is nullified. He says he has been prepping to meet her, she assumes his is getting ready for them all and decides she will act in a random, unlike herself way when the big fight comes. Onyx gets there right after the guy walks into the ground. 

Onyx investigates and gets low down on who dead master mind is. Work with cops, many graves dug up, cops uneasy around GL is dragon form. Onyx investigates more and realizes this dead magician is related to the guy who willed her his things, his daughter brought them into her at the reception of base in a prior session. 

Team gathers at base, talk strategy. 

DE told QL who he is, Larry. they are breaking up so they can date at some point during the session or surrounding session. 


  • Tom
  • Kellie






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