The Oz-Guardians

Session 18 - Port Hopping

July 13th - 16th, 2017

Stranded aboard "Gailen's Pride" with several refugees after the destruction of Magna-Lor. The Oz Guardians think the situation is bad, especially with the ship having a busted hyper drive. But, they are going to find out how much worse it is.


  • Elizabeth – Onyx
  • Kellie – Qing Long
  • Matt – Mobius
  • Richard – Mr. Stone
  • Rick – The Elephant – Still in his catatonic state

NPCs of Note:

"Gailen's Pride" without a hyperdrive is sending a distress call, with no long range coms. The local coms are picking up other ships that also dropped out of hyperspace in the same vicinity.  Over the course of two days a small flotilla of vessels is formed.  The Oz Guardians hear from a vessel towards the edge that a ship has come to pick them up.

That vessel, "The Cal-Van", is taking on refugees and supplies. Then asking the people to abandon their ships.  Gailen is concerned for the crucial data he has on Collapsar. He knows that it is far more data than the stores on the "Cal-Van" can hold.  When the crew of the rescue ship are hesitant to take up extra space by allowing the "Pride" to dock internally the Guardians ask them to take the other refugees somewhere safe, and come back for them when they have room for the "Pride."

During this exchange, the passengers of "Gailen's Pride" are informed they have been out here for 28 days, though only 2 days have passed for them. Gailen supposes that it because of time dilation effects from being so close to the event horizon of Collapsar.

Onyx meanwhile is reviewing her database for technical specs on this type of hyperdrive. She finds that she could probably repair the busted propulsion if she had replacement parts and tools.  A few quick sensor sweeps of the flotilla identifies a Star Navy transport ship, decommissioned to civilian use, nearby that may have the parts.

Gailen is concerned because his sensors are showing odd signatures from the ship, but on top of that, there is a hyperdrive capable ship that seems to be moving through the flotilla and refuses to connect via radio. Likely scavengers and opportunists.

Onyx and Qing Long teleport onto the transport, finding the environment safe they transport back with extra space suits. A few moments later the entire team is onboard the ship. Emergency lighting, the occasional odd sound, and then something that sounds like foot steps at deliberate times leaves the men spooked.

Making their way down towards the engine room their environmental sensors go off, though none are affected. The ship announces it has enabled anti-hijack systems.

At the engine room, they find it sealed, but are able to easily bypass that by teleporting through the door.  In the engine room they find the parts they need are there, and not broken.  Working quickly the ship gives them one more warning to cease. When the Oz Guardians refuse the stepping sounds and heat signatures seem to engulf the bulkhead leading away from the engine room.

Then mechanical spiders with lasers on their backs flood into the room.  The Guardians make quick work of these robotic minions. That is when the ship tells them they have two minutes to cease before a critical reactor failure.  At that announcement, Stone rips the last piece out and the team teleports away just as the navy transport self-destructs.

Gailen pilots his Pride away from the flotilla to avoid the potential pirates and scavengers.  The entire team works together to repair the hyperdrive. With Onyx leading from a technical perspective, Mobius acting like a lathe and spindle, Qing Long using her fire and water alternatively as needed for fine detail work and welding while Stone fashioned the required tools from spare metal.  With a working drive Gailen says they should go to Min-Tath, a nearby Lor Republic world.

The Oz Guardians then go into Hyperspace proper for the first time, a silver-ish void that seems to have clouds, eddies, and currents. Gailen explains it's like another dimension they travel through to shorten distances.

Arriving at Min-Tath though they were almost immediately hailed by the local port authority and asked to enter a designated parking orbit. They did as directed until Gailen saw one of the ships parked by the main space station. It belonged the Stellar Khanate, barbaric enemies of the Republic.  They radio port authority and ask about the "Cal-Van" and are told it was registered lost to a Grue assault a few weeks ago.

When the Guardians then suggest going to Earth Gailen explains that's too far, nearly two weeks.  Instead, he thinks they would be best to go to Citadel, home of the Star Knights and the most powerful computer he is aware of.

Escaping Min-Tath, and its Stellar Khanate occupying force by "punching it" when on the opposite side of the planet, Gailen sets course for Citadel and they arrive a few hours later.

Upon arrival, they are hailed and have to follow the typical security protocols for Citadel. However, they can see hundreds of other vessels in orbit of this small moon sized world.  Most of that world is taken up by a vast city. The rest is filling up with what could be called a "tent city" of temporary housing, broken down ships, and lost people.

When Mentor, the intelligence of Citadel, identifies that Humans Enhanced are on the "Pride" they are given a priority clearance.  Once on the surface, Gailen asks them to start working on the data he collected spying on and researching Collapsar; he truly feeling there might be a key to stopping the living force of entropy.

While one drone of Mentor is talking with Gailen another comes to speak with Oz Guardians. Asking if they are associated with the Freedom League or Daedalus. When they reply no Mentor offers to take them to him, as he is currently on Citadel.  While walking and taking transport to where Daedalus is Mentor is asked about the "Cal-Van" and he confirms that the "Cal-Van" had not arrived there.

Mentor then went on to explain how it was very likely now a Grue vessel used by the protean shape-shifters to lure on refugees from the ongoing conflicts and have been reported to either space them or take them away for some as yet unknown purposes.

The Oz Guardians then meet with Daedalus who at first is shocked to see them alive. Explaining that the world thought them dead.  Lost when Tellax transported them to a world being consumed by a black hole. Daedalus shared that Mars and others identified a blocking signal to jam the nanites and force Tellax from Earth.  Then a group of other heroes in Emerald City took up the mantle of "The Sentinels" to try to continue defending the city.

When the Guardians asked about the rest of the League the answer was they were all spread out.  As soon as Magna Lor was destroyed two long time foes of the Republic launched offensives. With most of the military lost already trying to stop Collapsar it didn't take long for the Khanate to start annexing most of the systems. Meanwhile, the Grue have been marching inward conquering worlds. Some of those have even asked the Khanate for help, not expecting anything from the Republic.

The Oz Guardians expressed a desire to find the Cal-Van and get revenge on the Grue, and possibly rescue any refugees are still on board.  Daedalus said he would help them get a ship with some stealthiness, and try to find them a pilot. He then offered them to send messages back to Earth. Though it takes 2 weeks for a ship to travel the distance transmissions can get there much faster.

We left the session with the team planning on how they would deal with the Grue. And, how to get home.


  • Tom
  • Kellie
  • Richard



So, uh, hi!

I know you guys think we’re dead and everything, but I swear I only now actually got to a planet where I could send a message! They don’t do paper out here in space, so I recorded this video for you. Yeah, so, like I’m in space. Like outer space, with aliens and stuff. The kids would FREAK OUT! I’m fine, I really am! So like this big robot ball thing decided it needs us and teleported us out into space, but that planet was being eaten by a black hole, and we just barely escaped thanks to Galen, who’s really smart, like your cousin Ronnie, but kind of tired of us, I think, because we’re like rednecks to him?

So, yeah, the black hole did something with time, remember that show we were watching with Nick Tyson or something, that scientist? so we were stuck for about 2 days, but it was about a month to you! I’m so sorry! I had no idea this was going to happen, I seriously would have said something! Getting away broke the spaceship, so we had to go hunting for parts, and the abandoned ship we got the parts from attacked us with robots! Luckily they didn’t expect Qin Long and I to be badasses! It looks like the United Federation or whatever out here is in deep trouble because that black hole ate a planet (Oh, yeah, that’s the planet we escaped) and we had to hop around a bit to find somewhere to stop. When we got here, Daedalus was here! Like from the Freedom League! He’s helping me send this message.

So I’m really sorry, I am! I’m getting back as soon as I can, baby. We helped some refugees but they were taken by some nasty folks. We have to save them, then I can come home!

So, uh, I’ll try to make it up to you? Like really?

Oh, I have to? It’s only 2 minutes? man, even in space everything is expensive. Ok! I’ll send you another message when I’m on my way home, if I can! This is crazy!

Session 18 - Port Hopping

Quin Long Messages home:

1. Mr. Mars,

We are all alive and know what has been happening on earth. I have faith that you and the Sentinels will prevail. While I am away, if you have time to spare please watch over my parents.

(Gives detailed non-emotional report of everything from the kidnapping to this point and includes the plans they have to complete before coming home. This is followed by a status report on The Elephant.)

If we do not make it back for some reason please take care of my parents and know you did the right thing when you sent the apology out to us and took steps to protect the earth, again.

2. Mom and Dad,

Mom, Dad, you know I would never leave for so long without word if I had any control over the situation. I will tell you more about what happened when I get home. It is hard to explain.

If I am not home within the month please get in touch with Mr. Mars. He may have information to give you or have some other way to help you.

I am so sorry. I know you must be so worried. I sent word as soon as I was able. I am fine and will be home as soon as I can. Please try not to worry. I love you.

3. Dragon Eye,

I can not begin to tell you how relieved I was hearing about the Sentinels. Allie is a good person, a friend, please be watchful over her until get home. Val needs looked after too, for reasons I am sure you will come to realize. I feel a responsibility for them both so keep them safe. Tell Allie and Val and I am really proud of them, and thank everyone there from all of us.

Our last days before the team and I were whisked into space you and I talked about some important things. I still promise there is nothing you need to delete of my computer. I will give you a rain check on that kiss and you can get a rain check on the magical date you wanted to take me on. You will have to update me on Game of Thrones.

Session 18 - Port Hopping

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