The Oz-Guardians

Session 19 - Meeting Mechastar

July 17th, 2017 - Extra Power Point

Turned out to be an interesting month.  I got to meet Mentor, Daedalus, Mentor, See the Citadel, as well as meet a very interesting group of superheroes. (Mental note, I am going to head back to the citadel and look at that amazing Tech that's there.)


  • Elizabeth – Onyx
  • Eric – Mechastar
  • Kellie – Qing Long
  • Matt – Mobius
  • Richard – Mr. Stone
  • Rick – The Elephant – Still in his catatonic state

NPCs of Note:

  • Daedalus


Mechastar's Point of View:

The group needed a pilot for a mission, one might say this was fate if you believe in that sort of thing.  The combination of their need and my ability let me join for one heck of a ride.  Daedalus introduced the team, the Oz-Guardians,  as Stone, Mobius, Onyx, and Qing Long.  Their fifth member, The Elephant, didn't join us, which is a shame, as he seems quite interesting.

The mission was to rescue refugees that were abducted from the Oz-Guardians themselves through subterfuge on behalf of the enemy, the Grue.  Apparently Grue are able to shapeshift, making them difficult to spot, and easy to be tricked by, can't blame the Oz-Guardians for falling for that it.  Their situation was apparently a dire one, and they were trying to help the refugees as much as possible.  Daedalus gave us a ship to use as a decoy to get on the Cal-Van, the ship used by the Grue to capture refugees.

I piloted the ship to the last known coordinates of the Cal-Van, shut off the engine, and we waited.  Nothing happened.  Onyx got on comms, and sent out a distress signal, which did work, luring the Cal-Van to us.  They instructed us to dock on a side port, which was easy enough with thrusters.  Once docked, the team waited to pounce when the enemy opened the airlock.

The air lock opened, with three men standing there, looking to size up the ship, and to "render assistance".  One of the men, which the crew apparently knew was armed with a rifle, the other two men had holstered side arms.  The Oz-Guardians attacked.  Mobius attacked the man with the rifle but seemed to do little.  Qing Long breathed fire, which was both un-expected and VERY cool!  Unfortunately, her attack went wide and started a hull breach.  With some quick hacking, I was able to close several bulkheads to prevent depressurization.  Stone destroyed one of the other guard's side arms.  Onyx's attack seemed somewhat effective.  The final guard's shot went wide, guess he was pretty scared.

As the fight progressed, the two guards with the sidearms were incapacitated (after stone destroyed both their guns), and the "guy" with a rifle triggered an alarm,  turned red, grappled Mobius, then (releasing Mobius) turned to goo to escape when he realized that he was going to die.

Having heard to the Grue before, I know that they were dependent on Nitrogen in the atmosphere.  I suggested we split up, one group heading to the bridge to commender the ship, while Ii and another member headed to life support to hinder or stop the Grue.  Stone chose to come with me, and let me tell you, the dude can fight.

We came across six drones, Stone taking three of them out in what appeared as a single strike.  I was able to take down two with well-placed shots.  The final drone's chest started to pulse red.  Stone grabbed him and started to run towards the airlock we had just left while telling me that the pulsing red thing is a bomb.

I plunged my fist into its chest, grabbed the bomb, and then proceeded to disarm it.  Stone looked both disgusted and amazed and what he just saw, proceeding to tell the rest of the team what I had just done.  Afterwards, I used my X-ray vision to see how many obstacles were in our way.  The path the life support was clear, but a Grue was running to the cargo bay, where the refugees were being held.  I asked stone if he was confident in taking out the lone Grue, to which he said "yes".  We split, and I headed to life support.

I arrived at life support, and with minimal difficulty I was able to reduce the Nitrogen content in the air to about 45% (The lowest they system would allow me), raising a few other gasses to compensate and prevent the air from being too thin.  I strongly suggested no sparks. 

About this time Stone reached the Grue who was heading to the cargo bay, which was actually waiting for him.  The Grue told us to cease all hostilities, or they would harm the refugees.  That there were undercover Grue with the refugees, and that their deaths would be on our hands.  Stone continued to talk with him a bit, while I took in upon myself to prevent that from happening.  

I decided to bypass all the safety protocols on the life support system, a feat that I must say was pretty impressive, (let's just say it was damned hard), and reduced the nitrogen content in the air to 0%.  The Grue talking to stone fell asleep mid sentence.  

Upon entering the cargo bay, the group saw the refugees beating the crap out of the unconscious Grue.  I headed to the bridge to change course, and assess the overall situation (hull breach, and state of the ship).  During the return trip to the Citadel, the group spaced the Grue, seeing as they were drones, and not really sentient life.

At the Citadel, Mentor mentioned that they weren't able to take on so many refugees.  The group decided to leave the Cal-Van with someone they knew who was a refugee and let the Sentinels find a home for them.  There was initial talk about bringing them to earth, but too many unknown variables with alien pathogens made that too big of a risk to take.  Gailen was invited to join us though.

We took the decoy ship home, which lasted the two-week trek home, but just barely.I'm glad though, means I can delve into this tech, which looks quite interesting.  We landed in their hangar, to a bunch of people welcoming them back.  Looks like press of some sort were taking their pictures, so I just chose to stay on the ship until they left.

After the press left, I debarked the plane and watched all the drama unfold.  This group was obviously missed, their loved ones happy they returned, and angry they disappeared in the first place.  It was nice for the most part.  Then I made an ass of myself…

Ultra-Marine came to talk to me, asking a few too many probing questions.  It was obvious she is very smart and was trying to figure out who I was.  In turn, to put her on her heels, I asked her "Did they catch the Capitan's murderer yet?" beating around the bush that I knew who she was.  Her reply was short "No, my brother is still free"  I offered my assistance to catch him, having realized I put my entire leg in my mouth, but she was already turning to leave.

Qing Long then surprised me with an offer to join the team.  I am very much inclined to join them, they are reckless but determined to do good.  That's something I can get behind, and it sounds like a hell of a lot of fun.

I wonder if they'll be surprised to find out who I am…


Qing Long's Point of View:

Mecha: Black Blue Suit, armored, Hair shows through outfit, Full frontal face mask, gadgets all over his body. 

Two weeks in the ship to get home. 

Mecha seems a man willing to make extraordinary sacrifices when needed, adventurous, competent and we are a man down. 




  • Eric




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