The Oz-Guardians

Session 17 - Event Orizon

June 15th, 2017

The Guardians have been transported to a strange and alien world. Around them are scared looking aliens, and humans, all moving towards spaceports. Above them the evidence of a battle in orbit.  Sent here by Tellax, but to what end?


  • Elizabeth – Onyx
  • Kellie – Qing Long
  • Matt – Mobius
  • Richard – Mr. Stone
  • Rick – The Elephant – The Elephant went into a fuque state after the transport. Able to be guided, but not responsive.

NPCs of Note:

  • "Gul-Sar" - A Grue Spy – Deceased by Suicide Bomb
  • Gailen – Scientist for the Lor Republic
  • Captain Kan-Ro – Lorian Security Chief – Assumed Dead with Destruction of Magna-Lor
  • Mentat Ell-Va – Mentat of the Lor Senate – Assumed Dead with Destruction of Magna-Lor
  • Supreme Praetor Ram-Lev – Leader of the Reuplic's Senate and Military - Assumed Dead with Destruction of Magna-Lor
  • Orizon – Voice of the Void – Continues to Exist
  • Collapsar, The Devourer – Continues to Exist
  • Tellax, The Redeemer – Exists, but forced off earth


As Tellax transported the guardians it "spoke" to them in their heads saying it was needed to see why he desired an army, champions.  Above them in the sky a battle was waging in orbit. Able to make out explosions and the occasional "meteor shower" as debris connected with the atmosphere. 

People, already scared, many packed with bags and carrying children, were startled by the team's appearance. Some military showed up, but before shots were fired a "Mentat" was able to establish communication and put up a translation field for all of the Guardians.

Taken to the Republic Senate chamber where people were trying to work out the last ditch defense plans, all failing. The group was told how the "Star Gods" had created the Lor, and their off shoots like Humanity, to make up for creating Death. And, now Death was attacking Magna-Lor capital world of the Lor Republic.

Above them currently, and approaching horizon a giant sentient black hole called "Collapsar," and its acolytes, were assaulting Magna-Lor with the intent to consume it into the singularity.

The Lor were disappointed to find they were not friends of Daedalus and the Freedom League, word was their ship was damaged, or lost, on the way to Magna-Lor to help with the defense.

After that info exchange a Grue, Shape Shifting, assassin tried to murder the leader of the republic. The team stopped him. The Supreme Praetor then spoke with "Gailen" a scientist who had been collected data on Collapsar, but just hadn't had the time or processing power to fully review it. Right after that Orizon, Herald of the Void, showed up and proclaimed the world tainted by the corrupters. And that it was to be cleansed. 

The team starts to be defeated by Orizon, who for most of the conflict seemed to be exerting little. Tellax asked the team if they understand, they respond with basically "Get us out of here!"  Mid-Transport though, able to see the tunnel they are being transported through, due to time dilation from gravity effects, they can see the battle on the other side. Stormers, heroes, villains and people they don't recognize are battling the giant mecha version of Tellax. Over the team communicators Max says, sadly, "If you are out there, I'm sorry." and suddenly the tunnel closes. The team back in the senate chambers on Magna Lor, empty of most of the people there previously.

Orizon was gone, but not Gailen. The team go to Gailen's ship, take on what women and children they can. Even as tidal forces start to affect the world even more. They can see things flying upward on the horizon and the rush of air as the atmosphere is tugged towards the giant spinning black and red maw of Collapsar. 

Luckily Gailen's ship eventually is able to break free, but at the cost of his "Hyper Drive" and we left with the ship sending out an SOS signal and seeing possibly hundreds more nearby.


  • Tom





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